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Facilities in the Sauna include cold pool, SPA hot pool, sauna chamber and lounge. Using the SPA can vitalize cells and promote blood circulation and immunity, relax the body and mind while enhancing the health.

*Please be aware of the high temperature in the Sauna when using.
*Please do not enter the pool if you are ill, have drunk alcohol or just had a meal, or suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, infectious disease, asthma, or epilepsy.
*Please take shower before using any facility. Please do not enter with your swimming suit or clothes on.
*Those who are younger than 12 may not enter.
*Please do not smoke, eat, or drink in the area.
*Please take a rest of 10 to 15 minutes after exercising before using the facilities here.
*For your safety, the time to stay in sauna or the hot/cool pool should not exceed 10 minutes.
*If you feel anything uncomfortable, please inform our staff immediately.
*For your safety, please do not use the facilities here if you are pregnant or during your period.

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